January and Bill

I was a member of Ave Maria Singles for four years when January "dropped her hanky" in July 2012. After several messages and phone calls, we met at the Baltimore Basilica for our first date on September 2, 2012. After three dates, we became an exclusive couple and managed to see each other nearly every weekend although I live in Philadelphia and she in Baltimore. Our relationship became very strong during 2012-13 during an 18-month period in which I was either a contractor or unemployed. I was finally able to secure full time employment in May 2013. Three months later, on August 24, 2013, I proposed to January at the Baltimore Basilica and we celebrated in St. Michael's MD on the Chesapeake Bay. January's job, however, was slated to end in a few months. She found a job in northern New Jersey and was able to transfer her work visa. January travelled every weekend from Baltimore or Newark NJ to Philadelphia for our wedding planning. We had a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception in the Philadelphia area on September 19, 2014 and an amazing eleven day honeymoon in Kauai. Two months after our wedding, there was another pleasant surprise. January was pregnant with our first child. Our daughter Bridget Claire was born on July 12, 2015.All Success Stories

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