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Shouldn't such basic things as getting to know a spouse be left to God's direct work and intervention?

Famous novelist and playwright Goethe cleverly and wisely reminded us that "God gives the nuts, but he does not crack them." Placing trust in God and exercising personal initiative are not in contradiction, because God counts on our commitment and participation to help fulfill His will in our lives. A website is one of many ways to get to know someone, and to ultimately honor God through marriage and family.


Why is this marriage service exclusively Catholic?

There are several reasons for an exclusive Catholic community. First, experience shows that the religious life of a person can be realized more easily if there are no confessional barriers with a future spouse. Second, good religious education, which is often difficult to come by in our society, can become even more of a challenge for children of mixed-denomination parents. Also, those couples who abide by Cicero's description of friendship as "agreement in divine and human things" tend to succeed more easily (in both marriage and family life) in a largely non-Christian environment.

However, it is important to note that we are very supportive of mixed-denominational marriages and families, which our world needs so much, and we wish God's blessings on all couples. We are happy to offer referrals to existing interdenominational marriage services upon request.


Why the focus on marriage, and not just finding a partner?

As devout Catholics, we take the Church's teaching on marriage and family very seriously. We therefore do not want to help people find partners who will live together "until further notice". We want people to come together and be inspired to walk together with God and in the Church. This includes the sacrament of marriage, along with the blessings of true love and new human life that can result.


Is the Internet a serious enough platform for the project of fostering healthy, happy marriages?

Yes, because the Internet has become an essential part of our lives. As a medium, it is neutral - it can be used for good or bad. Just as you may go to a party to find someone, you can also meet someone on the Internet. Of course, there is a lot of dubious and even negative information about relationships on the Internet. And some use the anonymity of the Internet for dishonest reasons. Through our conditions of membership, the participation fee, and the constant support of the AMS Team, we guarantee the high standards of our platform for those who are serious partner-seekers. 


How is my anonymity preserved?

When you become a member, you will choose a unique username. You only appear under this identifier within the member area. If someone is writing to you, or you want to write to someone, just use your internal mailbox. This means that no one can reach you outside of Ave Maria Singles, nor can they ascertain your identity or your private email address (unless you give it to them). However, you must provide the AMS Team with your personal contact details for security reasons, but these are not shared with others on the platform. Whether and when you exchange personal data with an Ave Maria Singles contact is entirely up to you.


Why is there a fee for the service on this website?

Ave Maria Singles is financed through a small membership fee. This covers the costs of developing and maintaining the technology, as well as expenses associated with building the community, such as advertising. The obligation to pay also fosters a level of seriousness among the members, with a certain protection against superficial flirting.


How much does a membership cost?

Currently, Ave Maria Singles offers two membership options:

  • Unlimited Lifetime membership:  $97
  • 6-Month Trial membership:  $80

Membership can be paid by credit or debit card, or via PayPal, and does not extend automatically.

Your profile will remain saved for one year after membership expires, so membership can simply be resumed. 


Who can participate?

Members must be:

  • at least 18 years old,
  • Catholic or preparing to become Catholic,
  • convinced of the teachings of the Catholic Church, especially on the subject of marriage and family,
  • canonically able to receive the sacrament of marriage, and
  • willing to accept our Terms and Conditions.


Any community rules I need to be aware of?

In the Ave Maria Singles community, there are a few "House Rules" that make relations among members more agreeable (and if you follow them, will ultimately help you be more successful).


Will I find my spouse at Ave Maria Singles?

Ave Maria Singles is one of many mediums that God can use to introduce you to your future spouse. Of course there is no "guarantee" that you will find the right person here, but the feedback we’ve received over the years shows that it was the right way for many people (read Success Stories from couples here). 


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