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"Act and God will act" - Saint Joan of Arc


I was in a relationship with someone I was prepared to marry, but there were lots of warning flags I was ignoring. Finally I prayed, asking the Lord what I should do. He said very clearly in prayer that He would be with me if I chose to stay in the relationship or I could let it go and trust Him that He had something better. I decided to trust Him. I concentrated on my relationship with Him and that’s when someone recommended Ave Maria. She ,too, had met her husband through the site. I was very hesitant to try to meet anyone online. I prayed about it and decided to give it a shot. It wasn’t too long before I met my husband, David, but I didn’t think it would work out between us because he lived in Massachusetts and I lived in Michigan, so I almost didn’t respond to his first message! 
He briefly discerned the priesthood before feeling he was called to marriage. One of his friends had just signed up on Ave Maria (but is now in seminary, actually) so he decided to give it a shot! He sorted through all of the women’s profiles on Ave Maria with his mom before settling between me and one other girl, He decided to message me. I tease him about having his mom pick me out, but it was really great that he used such careful, intentional, discernment. 
We spoke on the phone for two months before we met — the meeting was awkward but by day two I knew he was ‘the one’. About six months after that a job opened up which he applied for in Michigan and moved. The rest is history. We were married in 2009. 
We’ve been through a lot - unemployment, moving cross country - we now live in Kansas - three kids in four years, but we would’t trade any of it. 


Noelle & David

Ron (from Charlotte, NC) and Thea (from Toronto, Canada)

We met on December 15, 2001, and married on October 18, 2003.

Thank you dear Lord and Blessed Mother for bringing us together!

Ron and Thea

Elizabeth: When Peter first wrote me. I'd been on the site for 3 weeks and he had been there two and a half months. Peter: I asked Elizabeth if I could meet her in person (we had talked on the phone a few times already) and she agreed.  I flew from Seattle to Erie, PA in February and by the end of that weekend we had decided that we wanted to start dating.  We mostly walked around the city and talked during that weekend, to try to get to know each other.  It was from our conversations that we made a connection with each other early on.  Elizabeth: Thank you for your work and for finding my husband!

Peter & Elizabeth

My husband Brian and I met on AveMariaSingles. He emailed me first, and I was hooked from the very start. After a whirlwind, storybook romance, we were married on October 18, 2008. As we drove away from our wedding reception that night, I remember thinking how hopeful both of us were about the future. We had so much to look forward to in life, and we couldn’t wait to embark on the journey together. We now live in Pittsburgh and have three kids (1 in Heaven, Abigail Grace and two on Earth: Matthew Xavier, 3, and Noah Anthony, 1.)

Danielle & Brian

When I got on AMS, I was really reluctant about doing it that day. I had looked around on Catholic Singles and Catholic Match...I wasn't impressed.  It appeared that so many people on those web sites professed being Roman Catholic...but believed in "choice" or birth control or pre-marital sex, and the list would go on and on.  HOWEVER, after looking around at AMS, I knew at least I was going to be on a site where men and women loved our Catholic faith.  So many Blessings have come from getting on AMS, and we tell everyone who's looking, that yours is a wonderful and safe site to be on.  

Donna & Joel

Christine and Brian met on Ave Maria Singles in 2011 on a coast-to-coast email exchange that resulted 3 years later in their being married. They are extremely grateful to the Blessed Virgin Mary, their families and friends, and are blissful to have found lasting friendship, love and happiness together.

Brian and Christine

My husband and I met through Ave Maria Singles and were engaged 18 months later. On our honeymoon, we sat in the newlywed section at the general audience with Pope Francis. After the general audience, we were pleasantly surprised when they called the couples up to be personally greeted by Pope Francis! Each couple received a blessing by Pope Francis and a greeting and were presented with Papal rosaries. It was such an amazing moment! (and we sort of still can’t believe it actually happened!)

We are both very grateful to Ave Maria Singles for providing a site that attracted Catholics who were serious about their faith.

Jennifer & Chris

My husband and I met on your site and we just had our first daughter. We couldn't be happier. Thank you SO MUCH!

Seamus & Mary

When Fons contacted me, I was living in Ohio and he in LA. After one week we talked daily by phone, and we first met in person that April in Chicago. The second time we saw each other, that June in LA, he proposed and I accepted! This was totally out of character for me, since I am usually more cautious and think through things very slowly. However, I felt quite confident about my decision. We got married and I moved to the west coast and started a new job a week later. We still see each other only on the weekends, and sacrifices are necessary on both of our parts. But that is life, where nothing is perfect. We are both so very happy together and consider ourselves very fortunate. And so grateful to Ave Maria. Thank you.

Fons and Cara

We're so thankful to Ave Maria Singles and we keep you in our prayers every day. Life is busy, we've been in Australia for the last three years and we have our two lovely boys, Daniel just turned 5 and Benjamin is 21 months. Everything is thanks to you! We tell people all the time about how we met and I always brag that Ave Maria Singles is the best site out there for Catholic singles, hands down. Thank you and God bless you! -Veronica

Dan & Veronica