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Paul, 67

Hicksville, NY

II am of a romantic nature, kind, sensitive, emotional, spiritual, compassionate and caring. I am very affectionate and would want to meet a woman who also loves giving and receivi...

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John, 25

Grafton, WI

Hi! I'm John. I'm currently a grad student in the UW-Milwaukee math department. Outside of school, I'm usually reading (usually math textbooks, which I own many more of than any sa...

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Peter, 21

Sauk Centre, MN

Hi! I am the youngest of four siblings (I have three older sisters), I really like vintage computers, videogames, and Christian rock, and am working on becoming an indie game devel...

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Lucas, 20

O'brien, FL

A single Catholic Marine. I'm the oldest of ten kids (eight girls two boys) I've been homeschooled most of my life.My current career is 3531 motor transport operator in the US Mari...

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Allan, 34

Sioux Falls, SD

I live a simple lifestyle, spending minimally yet living sufficiently. I relocated to South Dakota from California, partly because of the difficulty of finding work there. I believ...

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Joseph G, 64

Clarksburg, MD

Hi, & I'm a Federal Environmental Program Manager seeking ... YOU

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Andrew, 37

Arlington, TX

"... revolution of tenderness ... "- Pope Francis

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Colin, 31

New Albany, OH

I am an accountant that is more sociable than the usual perceptions. Strong and courageous, not afraid to strike out when needed, I have been living a life of faith since I was bor...

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