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Matt, 39

Mayfeild Heights, OH

Hi! I am Matt and living the dream! I am a full time music minister and truly blessed!

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Joseph, 56

Flemington, NJ

Yes, in fact, I really do exist. I once took one of those match-up tests on one of these sites, and they told me they did not think they could find a perfect match for me, since o...

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Tim, 56

St. Catharines, ONTARIO, Canada

I come housebroken: I know how to vacuum, do laundry, dishes, and put down the toilet seat! I'm passionate about my faith and learning to live it more fully. With my leisure time, ...

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Dennis, 56

Alexandria, VA

I am single and Catholic. I value my faith, family, and friends. My mother and father were the most influential people in my life. I recently retired from the US Army, and my time ...

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Greg, 56

Regina, SK, Canada

I am a godly man of class and dignity. I will pray for our relationship, and I will take ownership before God! It is a man's responsibility to lead his family in worship, I will do...

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Michael, 50

Rockville, MD

I am a committed Catholic and being Catholic is probably the most wonderful and amazing blessing in my life. I am a dedicated member of the Melkite Catholic Church (if you'd like ...

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Mark, 49

Chicago, IL

I love being Catholic, with a sense for enjoying life and laughter in abundance. From time spent with good friends and family, to an outdoor adventure, to a weekend or vacation get...

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Michael, 35

Richmond, BC, Canada

I enjoy and treasure every aspect of my Catholic faith. Yes, it has been part of my upbringing, but over the years I have developed a real appreciation for the richness and depth o...

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