Premium Features


Your membership gives you access to all members for searching and messaging. It requires no additional features to enjoy your membership.

However, we have provided additional features that can make using AMS more powerful, enjoyable and improve your chances for success. These features include:


Upload as many photos as you want. You can only post two photos with basic membership. This feature allows you to show off many aspects of you and your life.


This one is exclusively for the ladies. It lets a gentleman know you’re open to being contacted. It’s named after the old-fashioned strategy of when a woman would drop her handkerchief in front of a man she would like to interact with. It allows the gentleman to initiate contact, which women like (and many times require in order to take a man serious). This feature also empowers women with a way to help a man feel like it’s okay to approach without a fear of rejection.


Lets say you find a member who really looks like someone you could connect with. You attempt to contact them, but their restrictions won’t allow you to. This feature allows you to get on their radar with a brief note that asks them if they would make an exception for you.


Rejection. No one likes to feel it. No one likes to have to do it. It’s hard to tell someone you’re not interested. You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but you just can’t figure out how to let them down easy. It seems much easier to NOT reply at all. But every message deserves a reply. And if you need help, this features allows you to let us take care of it for you. You click the button and our automatic message is sent.


Hitting it off and don’t want to do the whole back-and-forth messaging that can seem like forever? This feature allows you to chat in real-time with another member. (Note: You both have to be online at the same time and have Premium Features.)


This feature makes searching easier so can login and do quick searches based on parameters you have already set up. You can create as many custom searches as you want.


Premium Features costs a minimal amount which is paid for once per year. 


To upgrade to Premium Features, click on the Accounts & Settings tab after you login. 

You will see a button called “Upgrade to Premium”.

There, you will see the cost for one year and the payment options. Once you make the payment, you will have instant access to the features. They are built right into the system, so there is nothing further you need to do.

At the end of one year, you will be contacted to let you know your Premium Features service is ending and must be renewed. We do NOT automatically renew, as we do not store any payment information on our system.