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I just paid via PayPal but I cannot access my account.

We do try to activate all our PayPal customers as quickly as possible, but sometimes it takes a moment for PayPal to send us your funds...or if your PayPal e-mail is different from the e-mail account you registered with, it can cause confusion! Please contact us and we’ll be happy to get your account registered so you can get started.

My profile picture is do I fix this?

Your profile picture may have been sideways when you uploaded. Please ensure your picture is correct on your computer. We will be adding a “rotate” feature to the photos to help with this!

How do I upgrade to premium membership?

On the left hand side of your homepage, select the “account & settings” button and then click “upgrade to premium.” If you do not see this option, you’ve already activated your premium features.

I’m being shown people who don’t fit my “must not have” specifications. Help!

In the Advanced Search, the marital status “never married, widowed, divorced with annulment, etc” is what the other members must NOT have. If you only wish to see those who have never been married, select all the other options.

I forgot my password. 

Use this link to reset your password.